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I always like to tell people I was singing before I could speak. Seriously, October 19th, 1990 I came out singing. Ok maybe you heard crying, but I'd call it a strong belt! As I grew up I continued to sing and for more than just my stuffed animals. First I sang in churches, then in competitions and stages throughout Pennsylvania and the surrounding area. Up until midway through highschool I had been working on a career as a solo recording artist. However, after being introduced to musical theatre my sophomore year of high school, and consequently catching the theare bug, I am now aggressively pursuing a career as an actress for the stage and screen.
When I'm not working, I am an avid yoga enthusiast, boxer, runner and general healthnut. I spend countless hours plucking at my guitar and jamming to the jazz greats (i.e. Ella Fitzgerald). I also enjoy some quieter pasttimes like knitting!
I'm also very environmentally conscious and do anything I can to support animal rights. I hope some day to own a puppy and a pig, much like one of my idols, Josephine Baker.
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